The collective second brain
for Learning groups

Networking fellow students and information and thus getting through your studies more efficiently.
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Easy Capture

Even when writing, you benefit from intelligent suggestions such as transcripts and notes from you and your learning groups.

Smart Planning, Successful Learning!

Customize to-dos and learning plans individually and always keep track.

Advantages of AI

You ask questions, Clye AI answers them and summarises the content for you. She refers to notes and transcripts from you and your learning groups.

Quicker Exchange

Open themed discussion groups and involve specific individuals and groups in the dialogue.

Overview with Mindmaps

Structure and visualize complex topics to maintain an overview of the learning material.

Feature Diversity of CLYE

Thought Collection
Rediscover and expand notes
Intelligent Search
Always find exactly what you're looking for
Document Storage
Upload and share PDFs, Word, etc.
Create Study Groups
Create space and invite people
Fast Collaboration
Comment and share content in real-time
Video Calls
Quick and easy screen sharing
Shared calendar
Past and future dates at a glance
Start a dialog to collect ideas, create content or ask questions
User Profiles
Each user has their own profile
Add drawings alongside text content
Print and Export
Generate printable PDFs from content
Private and Secure
We don't snoop, and we don't sell your data

What Students say


Luca Wüst from

FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg

"I use this tool to capture my notes (on the tablet) in cards. Biggest advantage: Past thoughts and notes are automatically suggested to me as soon as I engage with a similar topic again. Clye remembers for me."


Hannes Metz from

JMU Würzburg

"I use Clye to not only capture my knowledge and new insights but also to connect them so that I can benefit from them contextually. I am eagerly awaiting the mobile app to quickly take notes during lectures or at work, which I can later elaborate on at my laptop."


Martin Seubert from

University of Würzburg

"Clye helps me organize myself even better in my studies. I use the new feature with the Kanban Board to work through my to-dos/weekly plan. Additionally, I use the mobile app to make private notes. I want to make all my knowledge easily usable for myself."


Sven Müller from

RWTH Aachen

"Clye revolutionizes learning! Seamless collaboration on study notes and the video call function make studying super easy. No more chaos, everything is retrievable, including questions already answered by others. Clye is an absolute must-have for anyone who wants to master their studies successfully and organized."


Anna Höök from

IU International University

"Clye combines everything I need! No more folder chaos and everything is easily retrievable. AI integration saves time while working. Share study notes, create mindmaps, and exchange ideas with my fellow students in video calls. Clye is definitely a comprehensive tool for every bachelor student."

Data protection: Security from Germany

The protection of your personal data is particularly important to us, which is why we fully comply with German data protection standards. Our head office is in Laufach near Aschaffenburg.

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