The collective second brain
for me & my Team

To easily capture and automatically network knowledge.
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Easy Capture of Project Info

without considering which folder or colleagues it concerns.

Breaking Silos

Benefit from decisions, notes, and solutions to your current task that are otherwise hidden in folders or groups.

Capture knowledge & organize

Finally, all information from you and your colleagues in one networked place.

Enjoy AI Benefits

Questions and information can be answered and summarized by AI and confirmed by colleagues.

Networking across projects

Get occasion-based suggestions from older or parallel projects and thus work more efficiently.

Feature Diversity of CLYE

Thought Collection
Rediscover and expand lost notes
Push notifications to all users
Create Workspaces
Create space and invite colleagues
Intelligent Search
Considers all content you have access to
Start a dialog to collect ideas, create content or ask questions
Document Storage
Upload and share PDFs, Word, etc.
Private Content
You decide who has access to your content
Fast Collaboration
Comment and share content in real-time
Engage Customers
Share content and communicate about it
Video Calls
Quick and easy screen sharing
Add drawings alongside text content
Print and Export
Generate printable PDFs from content

What Teams say


Katrin Klein from


"IN VIA uses Clye as a communication and information platform in the training support of disadvantaged young people. In close collaboration with Clye's experts, the app and website have been optimally tailored to the needs of our target group."


Alexandra Wuttig from

IU International University & LegalBFF

"The cooperation is smooth, marked by great trust, and is entirely focused on our common result orientation. The team members are always available and committed, and they make every effort to achieve the project goal. This partnership not only brings joy but is also extremely productive."


Sabrina Micklich from


"By using Clye as a platform for our 'we Female Founders' program, our participants can connect optimally, share their knowledge on an equal footing, and support each other in advancing their own businesses! Perfect!"


Felix Liedel from


"Clye has developed a solution with us that is ideally suited to bring students interested in founding together based on interests and abilities. Many thanks for the uncomplicated and professional implementation and support!"


Chris Schauerte from


"hub42 offers its members a platform with Clye for the formation and support of discrete and exclusive communities within the coworking community. It is important to us that users quickly and easily find what they are looking for. AI support makes a significant contribution to this."

Data protection: Security from Germany

The protection of your user data is very important to us, which is why you can rely on the good old German data protection standards. We are located in beautiful Aschaffenburg in Bavaria and our data center is in nearby Frankfurt.